magnetic field camera

high resolution - high speed magnetic field mapping


With the Magnetic Field Camera (Magcam) Measurement Platform, Magcam NV offers the world's first magnetic field camera system. The unique Magcam sensor contains a patented sensor chip with an integrated  two-dimensional array of over 16000 microscopic Hall magnetic field sensors. Each sensor independently measures the local magnetic field, resulting in a quantitative 3D magnetic field map with high spatial resolution, measured at high speed: less than 1 second for a 13x13mm² map with 0.1mm resolution.

The MiniCube magnetic field camera sensor module only measures 24x24x24mm³. The sensor is mounted in an anodized aluminum enclosure.

The fully digital and compact measurement system simply connects to a computer via a single USB cable, making the measurement data directly digitally available. The Magcam maps are analyzed in real time by the MagScope measurement & analysis software and its optional add-on software modules, which provide powerful measurement and analysis capabilities for a complete quality control and characterization of small permanent magnets.

The Magcam system opens up a new dimension in R&D and quality control for sensor manufacturers, magnet producers, magnet suppliers, motor/generator constructors, research labs and more.



  • Quantitative digital magnetic field mapping
  • Single measurement for full magnet analysis
  • High speed measurements (<1 second per image)
  • High spatial resolution
  • 2D array camera mode and line scan mode
  • For multipole and uniaxial magnets
  • Advanced data analysis (see MagScope software)
  • No moving parts
  • Compact and portable device
  • Single USB cable for data and power
  • Realtime quality control
  • Suitable for automation



  • On-chip integrated 2D array of Hall sensors
  • Sensor array size: 128 x 128 = 16 384 Hall sensors
  • Pixel resolution: 0.1 x 0.1 mm²
  • Field of view: 13 x 13 mm²
  • Sensor-surface distance: 0.3mm
  • Magnetic field range: +/- 1000mT (Tesla)
  • Magnetic field resolution: 0.1mT
  • Magnetic field accuracy:
  •    0.5mT in 0-100mT range
  •    0.5% in 100-500mT range
  •    1% in 500mT-1T range
  • Measurement frequency: >1 frame/s
  • Temperature compensated measurement
  • Connection type (single cable for data and power): Sensor side: compact industrial screw connection; Computer side: USB
  • Minicube size: 24 x 24 x 24 mm³
  • Enclosure equipped with threaded mounting holes (4x M3)



  • Permanent magnet R&D and quality control
  • Magnet assembly R&D and production testing
  • Sensor magnet inspection
  • Sensor system development
  • Magnetization vector inspection
  • Multipole magnet inspection
  • Magnet homogeneity inspection


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Magcam is a high tech company offering the unique Magnetic Field Camera technology, as well as specialty cryogenic Hall sensors.

Applications include quality control of small permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies, magnetic R&D, materials research and more.

Magcam's customers include (automotive) sensor manufacturers, magnet producers, magnet suppliers, motor/generator constructors, universities, research labs and more.

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