Magcam participation in EDPC 2014, Nuremberg Germany

Magcam wishes to thank all its visitors at the EDPC 2014 exhibition in Nürnberg, Germany.

Electric Drives Production Conference and Exhibition (EDPC), 30-09 - 1.10.2014 in Nuremberg (Germany).

Magcam successfully demonstrated the following products:

  • 3-axis magnetic field camera 3DMiniCube for measuring the three components of the magnetic field.
  • Image stitching of the 3-axis scanner system to measure the magnetic fields of large permanent magnets
  • Rotor inspector for measuring radial field distributions of permanent magnet rotors or radially/diametrically magnetized cylindrical magnets and assemblies

Numerous visitors brought their magnets and had them measured using the Magcam system. Thank you for the interesting discussions!

In addition, Magcam's founder and CEO, Koen Vervaeke, presented a paper on "3-axis magnetic field camera for ultrafast and high resolution inspection of permanent magnets" at the conference.