multipole magnet inspection

Realtime measurement and analysis of multipolar

Fast and quantitative measurement and analysis of the magnetic field distribution of small multipolar magnets and magnetic assemblies, including:

  • quantitative high resolution magnetic field map
  • absolute positioning with respect to the physical magnet,
  • pole height uniformity analysis
  • magnetic N-S asymmetry analysis
  • zero-crossing position analysis with absolute distance and angles measurements
  • Magnet quality level indication based on user-defined quality tolerances
  • Direct pass-fail results
3-axis Scanner

High speed 3-axis scanner

Rotor Inspector

High-speed Rotor Inspector


Magcam is a high tech company offering the unique Magnetic Field Camera technology, as well as specialty cryogenic Hall sensors.

Applications include quality control of small permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies, magnetic R&D, materials research and more.

Magcam's customers include (automotive) sensor manufacturers, magnet producers, magnet suppliers, motor/generator constructors, universities, research labs and more.

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