Application products and industries

Magcam's measurement and inspection systems are ideally suited for R&D, production and quality control environments. The magnetic field camera equipment can be used in all applications that involve high quality magnets and magnet assemblies.


  • Sensor systems
  • Switches and relays
  • Electric motors
  • Actuators and encoders
  • Magnetic couplings
  • Holding magnets
  • Microphones and speakers
  • Beam guiding systems, wigglers and undulators
  • Permanent magnet bearings
  • Measurement instruments
  • Research equipment
  • New magnetic materials


  • Automotive 
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Consumer electronics/appliances
  • Magnet manufacturing
  • Research Labs and universities


Complete characterization of magnets and magnet assemblies

Many quantitative magnet properties are extracted from the measurement data, making the Magcam system ideal for both R&D and production applications.

Measured Properties







Magnetic field distribution

North/south pole identification

Field homogeneity

Local material defects

Magnetization defects

Pole length/angle measurement

North-south pole asymmetry

Magnetization angle deviation


Magnetization vector value



Magnet position (4 DOF)

Local deviations from theoretical magnet



Radial magnetic field distribution

Magnet misalignment



Research and Development

New possibilities in R&D 

The Magcam measurement & analysis platform can be used in a wide range of R&D applications, including sensor and motor magnet development, permanent magnet development, materials research and more.


Production testing and quality control

100% Production testing and quality control

The MagCam system is so fast that it is suitable for automation and can be used for complete incoming and outgoing quality control of permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies. The <1sec measurement speed of the MagCam sensor allows for 100% testing of each magnet/assembly leading to less scrap, more productivity, higher yields (hence reduced cost) and higher quality end products.


Specific Applications

Magnetization vector inspection

Realtime magnetization vector and deviation angle measurement for small permanent magnets.


Multipole magnet inspection

Realtime measurement and analysis of magnets with multipolar magnetization


Magnet homogeneity inspection

Realtime measurement and analysis of magnetic field homogeneity maps.