magnetic field camera products
3D Magnetic Field Camera

3D - 3-axis - High Speed Magnetic Field Mapping

Magnetic Field Camera

High Resolution - High Speed Magnetic Field Mapping

MagScope software

Measurement & Analysis software for the MagCam


MiniTable for MagCam magnetic field camera

Rotor Inspector

High-speed Rotor Inspector

3-axis Scanner

High speed 3-axis scanner


Measurement and analysis of permanent magnets


The Magcam measurement and analysis service allows you to have the Magcam experts measure and analyze your magnets using the Magcam Measurement Platform. The resulting measurement & analysis report will give you deeper insight in the internals of your magnets. This formula can be an ideal evaluation of the Magcam Measurement Platform before making a purchase decision. It has the additional advantage that it comes with the expertise of the Magcam personnel for getting the most out of the Magcam system for your specific application.


Rental Service

Magcam offers a rental service for the Magcam Measurement Platform. This formula allows you to test the MiniCube system in-house before making a purchase decision. The rental formula comes with a purchase option whereby the rental fee can be largely recuperated.



Feasibility studies and development projects

Magcam offers feasibility studies for custom applications (measuring specific magnetic field). In addition, Magcam can develop a customized system for your application (hardware and software).




cryogenic products
Cryogenic scanning Hall probes

Submicron GaAs/AlGaAs Hall probes

Cryogenic Hall sensors

High sensitivity GaAs/AlGaAs Hall sensors


Magcam is a technology leader, specialized in advanced inspection systems for permanent magnets, based on its unique magnetic field camera technology. Magcam’s world-class magnetic field cameras are used for quality control, as well as development of high-end permanent magnets and magnet systems. Magcam’s customers include sensor manufacturers, motor/generator constructors, medical and biotech companies, consumer electronics producers, high-end speaker OEM’s, research labs, magnet producers and more.

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