MagCam Chip

Magnetic field camera technology

The MagCam magnetic field camera is based on IMEC technology. At the core of the magnetic field camera is a patented sensor chip containing an integrated two-dimensional array of 16,384 (128 x 128) microscopic Hall magnetic field sensors, with an inter-sensor distance of only 100 micron. Each sensor independently measures the local magnetic field, resulting in a quantitative 3D magnetic field map with high spatial resolution, measured at high speed.

  • Sensor chip with integrated two-dimensional Hall sensor array
  • 128 x 128 microscopic magnetic field sensors
  • Pixel resolution: 100 x 100 μm
  • Field of view: 13 x 13 mm
  • Magnetic field range: ±0.1mT - ±4T
  • Readout speed: 1 - 50 frames/sec
  • Digital quantitative output
  • Based on IMEC technology

permanent magnet

resulting MagCam image

MagScope software technology

The MagScope software contains powerful measurement and data analysis capabilities that extract a lot of information from the measured MagCam magnetic field maps. New modules are continuously being developed for various applications.