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Do you need help with the development of high-end permanent magnets, quality control, or in-line production testing?
Send your magnets to Magcam to be measured and thoroughly analyzed by our engineers using the most advanced magnet inspection equipment and analysis system currently available.

This resulting measurement & analysis report will give you deeper insight into the internals of your magnets, taking advantage of the expertise of the Magcam engineers for getting the most out of the Magcam system for your specific application.

Here are some examples of the different aspects we can measure for you:

  • Compare good, bad, and marginal samples
  • Compare magnets from different suppliers
  • Find min, max, and avg of a certain magnetic specification(s) of a batch of magnets
  • Perform a yield analysis on a batch of magnets
  • Perform in-depth analysis on one or a few magnets

Why take advantage of this service:

  • Evaluation of the Magcam measurement platform before making a purchasing decision
  • One time, need to test permanent magnets or magnet assemblies
  • Infrequent need to test small quantities of magnets 



We can measure all types of magnets.

  • Permanent Magnets
  • Magnet Assemblies
  • PM Rotors
  • Axial Rotors
  • Heavy & Long Radial Rotors

Typical quantities range from 1 to several 100s of magnets. Thanks to the inherent measurement speed of the Magcam magnetic field camera equipment, measurements of larger batches can be performed in a short time. Combined with powerful MagScope software features such as batch processing of large amounts of data files, saving analysis configurations and automatic exporting of analysis results allow for statistical analysis of the properties among a batch of magnets, yielding valuable knowledge about the quality distribution.

Deliverables of a service measurement include a detailed measurement report, accompanied by  the raw measurement data files in CSV format, photos or video of the set-up and additional summary results in e.g. an Excel file.


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