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Magcam Brochure 2023

Unlock the full potential of permanent magnets with Magcam, the global trailblazer in cutting-edge magnet measurement and analysis systems. Our groundbreaking magnetic field camera technology is revolutionizing the way you work with magnets, ensuring precision and efficiency in every application.

Insights from the Formula Electric Belgium 2023 Season

Maximizing Permanent Magnet Motor Efficiency with Magcam Technology

“Formula 1 race cars employ electric motor/generator units in addition to their internal combustion engine. Improvements in motor performance immediately translate into valuable lap time reductions.”


Magcam Axial-Flux PM Rotor Scanner product note

Permanent-magnet axial flux motors are increasingly used in hybrid and pure electric powertrains in the automotive, aviation and electric bike industry. With short-path axial flux rotors, the direction of the magnetic flux is aligned parallel with the axis of rotation which allows the production of lighter and shorter motors with high torque density. The mass production of this type of motor comes with certain challenges, where the magnetic field distribution inspection of the high-quality rotors axial flux in the rotor is of critical importance.