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magcam measurement and analysis report

Measurement & Analysis Services

Magcam's measurement and analysis services allow you to have Magcam's expert team measure and thoroughly analyze your magnets or magnetic assemblies using the most advanced magnetic field measurement systems. 

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Support Services

Magcam's support services ensure you get the most out of your Magcam's magnetic field measurement systems in your specific application with a team of enthusiastic qualified engineers.

Magcam python script writing services
Support Services

Software Development

We can assist you with writing Python scripts for pass/fail testing, for instance, incoming or outgoing quality inspection or 100% in-line production testing. Setting the correct magnetic field specification limits with a good Python script can help improve yields and reduce unnecessary material waste. 

full automated production line testing
Support Services

Integration into Production Line

Magcam's magnetic field cameras and magnetic field scanners can be integrated into your quality testing environment or production line. Customers who have to perform sample quality testing, batch testing, or 100% in-line production testing can count on Magcam to help select the right solution and custom software development. Magcam has experience with both low-volume batch testing and high-volume in-line production testing. 

magcam technical support services
Support Services

Technical Customer Support

We are more than happy to help you with your measurement journey to discovering all your magnets' hidden secrets with your Magcam's magnetic field measurement systems. Our engineering team can provide you with all the answers to the questions you might have. They are there to give you any technical support you need. 
Just email us your questions and what you would like to achieve, and our engineers will get back to you with a solution.

magcam minitable magnetic field measurement platform

Renting Services

Magcam's renting services allow you to experiment with the most advanced magnetic field camera technology built into Magcam's MiniTable Measurement Platform to ensure your needs are met before buying.


Tap into the knowledge of Magcam's experts to solve your magnetic challenges efficiently and deliver comprehensive magnetic field data of your magnets at every stage of your measurement journey.