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Magnetic Field Measurement

Magcam’s magnetic field camera, MiniCube 3D, offers advanced measurement and visualization of full three-dimensional magnetic field distributions with high spatial resolution in less than one second.

Discover how Magcam’s breakthrough technologies are solving magnetic field challenges in any industry with optimal solutions to measure and analyze the magnetic field while developing permanent magnet applications

  • Automotive & E-mobility
  • Medical Devices
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial Systems
  • Green Energy

Automotive & E-Mobility

Magcam’s comprehensive magnetic field scanner portfolio puts engineers and manufacturers behind the wheel while developing permanent magnet applications in the automotive & E-mobility industries.

Medical Devices

Empower medical engineers to deliver high-quality magnet-related medical devices by advanced magnetic field measurement systems that derive important magnets characteristics and ensure magnet quality.

Consumer Electronics

Enhance your magnet-related consumer electronics products by measuring the magnetic field in real-time with in-depth analysis to improve the performance of magnets.

Industrial Systems

Visualize the entire magnetic field of your permanent magnet applications in industrial systems to understand the magnet’s quality for better product designs, faster development cycles, and reduced development costs.

Green Energy Systems

We support the green energy industry with insights from magnetic solutions and our expertise on the specific challenges in permanent magnet applications.


Magcam offers industry-leading technology for measuring magnetic fields of permanent magnets, magnetic assemblies, and permanent magnet rotors.

High-Speed Measurement
Less than 1 second per image
High Spatial Resolution
100µm per sensor
High-Accuracy Results
0.1 mTesla
Magcam's Rotor Scanner with safety housing

Magnet rotors and ring magnet assemblies

Rotor Scanner is an ideal tool for measuring the full three-component, radial, tangential, and axial magnetic field distribution of permanent magnet rotors and curved segments.

Flat magnets and magnetic assemblies

Portal Scanner is a fast 3-axis motorized magnetic field scanner that allows measuring the entire magnetic field distribution of flat magnets and magnetic assemblies

Small magnets, less than 12,7 mm

The MiniTable Working Platform is designed to measure small magnets (less than 12,7 x 12.7 mm) in real time, using the built-in MiniCube magnetic field camera.

The full three-component magnetic field

MiniCube 3D, Magcam's magnetic field camera with an on-chip 2D array of hall sensors, measures the entire magnetic field with accuracy up to 0,1mT in less than 1 second.

Data Analysis Software


MagScope software offers advanced analysis features and functions for a complete characterization of permanent magnets.

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