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Winning the World Solar Challenge with a Magcam-optimized motor

The Belgian Innoptus Solar Team became World Champion with a Magcam-optimized axial-flux motor

The Belgian Innoptus Solar Team, having previously won the title at the World Solar Challenge, has once again crowned themselves to World Champions. This time, they brought with them their latest marvel, the 'Infinite' race car, featuring a unique self-made axial-flux motor with advanced Halbach arrays in its dual rotor. When it came to ensuring the highest magnetic quality standards for this motor, Magcam became their go-to partner. Read the case study to find out how we helped them defend their world title.

Optimizing radial-flux permanent magnet rotors for the Formula Electric Belgium team

Maximizing Permanent Magnet Motor Efficiency with Magcam Technology

In our case study, we demonstrate how e-motor manufacturers can achieve 2x to 4x improvements in performance metrics like torque ripple by optimizing magnet quality early on. These findings benefit sectors from automotive to aviation and industrial automation. Download your copy now to discover how Magcam can elevate your electric motor's potential.

minicube 3D magnetic field camera for measuring magnetic fields

MiniCube 3D, Magcam's 3D magnetic field camera, is integrated into all of Magcam's magnetic field measurement systems, offering advanced measurement, analysis, and visualization of magnetic field distributions with high spatial resolution in less than one second.



Magcam offers industry-leading technology for measuring magnetic fields of permanent magnets, magnetic assemblies, and permanent magnet rotors.

High-Speed Measurement
Less than 1 second per image
High Spatial Resolution
100µm per sensor
High-Accuracy Results
0.1 mTesla
Magcam magnetic field solutions

Discover how Magcam’s breakthrough technologies are solving magnetic field challenges in any industry with optimal solutions to measure and analyze the magnetic field while developing permanent magnet applications

  • Automotive & E-mobility
  • Medical Devices
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial Systems
  • Green Energy
Magcam automotive e-mobility solutions

Automotive & E-Mobility

Magcam’s comprehensive magnetic field scanner portfolio puts engineers and manufacturers behind the wheel while developing permanent magnet applications in the automotive & E-mobility industries.

Magcam medical devices solutions

Medical Devices

Empower medical engineers to deliver high-quality magnet-related medical devices with advanced magnetic field measurement systems that derive important magnet characteristics and ensure magnet quality.

Magcam consumer electronics solutions

Consumer Electronics

Enhance your magnet-related consumer electronics products by measuring the magnetic field in real time with in-depth analysis to improve the performance of magnets.

Magcam industrial systems solutions

Industrial Systems

Visualize the magnetic field of your permanent magnet applications in industrial systems to understand the magnet’s quality for better product designs, faster development cycles, and reduced development costs.

Magcam green energy solutions

Green Energy Systems

We support the green energy industry with insights from magnetic solutions and our expertise on the specific challenges in permanent magnet applications.

Magcam rotor scanner with safety housing
Magcam's Rotor Scanner with safety housing
Magnetic solutions for

Permanent magnet rotors and ring magnet assemblies

The Rotor Scanner is an ideal tool for measuring the full three-component (radial, tangential, and axial) magnetic field distribution of permanent magnet rotors and curved magnet segments.

Magcam Portal Scanner for measuring flat magnets
Magnetic solutions for

Flat magnets and magnetic assemblies

The Portal Scanner is a fast 3-axis motorized magnetic field scanner that allows measuring the entire magnetic field distribution of flat magnets and magnetic assemblies.

Magcam minitable for measuring small magnets
Magnetic solutions for

Small magnets, less than 10 mm

The MiniTable measurement platform is designed to measure small magnets (less than 10 x 10 mm) in real time, using the built-in MiniCube 3D magnetic field camera.

Magcam 3D advanced magnetic field camera
Magnetic solutions for

Advanced magnetic field inspection

MiniCube 3D, Magcam's magnetic field camera with an on-chip 2D array of Hall sensors, measures the entire magnetic field with accuracy up to 0,1 mT in less than 1 second.

MagScope powerful magnetic field analysis software
Data Analysis Software


MagScope software offers advanced analysis features and functions for fully characterizing permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies.

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