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Rent-before-purchase Experience

Whether you're looking to discover Magcam's technology, are searching for a solution to test your magnets in-house, or you only have a one-time need to measure the magnetic field of your magnets, we have the experience for you.

Magcam's renting services make this process easier. Rent the MiniTable Platform for a short time, 1 or 2 months, depending on your needs to test out the advanced magnetic field measurement before making a purchase decision. 



The MiniTable measurement platform is engineered to measure three-component magnetic fields of small magnets (less than 12,7mm x 12,7mm) in real-time with the built-in Magcam's advanced magnetic field camera, MiniCube 3D.  More than 16000 measurement points integrated into a 2D array of hall sensors of the magnetic field camera allow the MiniTable measurement platform to measure the entire magnetic field in one single measurement at record speed. 

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