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Magscope software with screenshots


MagScope, Magcam's powerful software, enables you to both control Magcam's magnetic field cameras and scanners and configure your magnet measurement in real-time. Magcam's MagScope software visualizes and analyzes the magnetic field distribution of your magnet in 2D or 3D. It is designed to extract as much information as possible from the measurement data. 
MagScope has a vast library of advanced analysis functions. All analysis configurations can be saved, which in turn really lets you dive into the details.

Magfit magnetic field analysis module


MagFit, the magnet analysis software module, is included in MagScope software and adds substantial value to the software. The MagFit module looks inside your magnet by measuring magnetic field distributions offering advanced data analysis capabilities to characterize uniaxial permanent magnets. 

By comparing the measured data with theoretical magnet models, MagFit extracts a lot of extra information from the data measured, resulting in a complete magnet inspection solution for permanent magnets. 

For each parameter in MagFit, you can choose whether MagFit should optimize the parameter or keep it constant in the fitting procedure. MagFit parameters can be used for a pass/fail quality control, with user-defined quality tolerances.


magcam python script software development


We offer the possibility to create your own Python Scripting for more flexibility and functionality in MagScope.
The Python scripting module for MagScope allows using the analysis results and other data of MagScope in an unlimited number of ways, chosen by you, the user. By doing so, you can have your own Python scripts run automatically in MagScope.

A Python script in MagScope has access to all analysis results that were generated by MagScope, which allows it to, e.g., perform a pass/fail analysis on multiple analyzed magnet parameters, for example, the angle deviation of the magnetization vector, the maximum of the magnetic field distribution, the length of a pole in a multipole magnet, or a zero crossing in the magnetic field.

MagScope comes standard with Python script templates, which can serve as a basis for writing your own script to define custom functionality.
Magcam also offers services for writing custom Python scripts. Click on the button to find more information on how we can help you create a script for Python. 


It has a huge variety of features, including:

  • Highly flexible and modular measurement and analysis capabilities
  • Real-time measurement and analysis of magnetic field images captured with the Magcam measurement systems
  • Interpolation of magnetic field maps for micrometer-resolution analysis
  • 2D & 3D color plots of magnetic field maps
  • 2D and 1D (cross-section) region selection in Cartesian and polar coordinates for cut-out and analysis
  • Line plots of cross-sections in Cartesian or polar coordinates
  • Automatic multipole segment detection and measurement of pole sizes/angles
  • Create your own Python script for more flexibility 
  • Complete rotor analysis: cogging torque, skewing angles, THD, FFT, pole size analysis, zero crossings, and pole peak analysis.

It too has many different kinds of features, including:

  • Full magnetization vector in Cartesian and spherical coordinates
  • Angle deviation of magnetization vector from the geometrical magnetization axis
  • Main magnetization axis (with respect to the magnet geometry)
  • Deviations from a perfect theoretical magnet
  • Local material defects in the magnet material and the magnetization

To find out more information on MagScope and MagFit, download our one-pager and check out our Solution pages. 

Magcam's MagScope Software

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