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Magcam python script writing services

Software Development

Magcam provides a service of adding extra features to MagScope software upon customer request. For very specific requirement we propose to write a Python or Matlab script to fulfil the desired functionality. Magcam team of experts is available to provide the required support and can advise the most optimal way of achieving the desired results. 

production line integration services

Integration into Production Line

Magcam's magnetic field measurement systems can be integrated into your quality control environment or production line. Customers who have to perform sample quality testing, batch testing, or 100% in-line production testing can count on Magcam to help select the right solution and custom software development. Magcam has vast experience with low-volume batch testing and high-volume in-line production testing. 

We can help you integrate our products into a fully automated production line with our expertise.  

magcam magnetic field solutions

Technical Support

Our experts will always be there to help you.

Once you own and have set up one of our magnetic field measurement systems, we are more than happy to help you along your way to finding out all your magnets' hidden secrets. 
Our engineering team can provide you with all the answers to the questions you might have. They are there to give you any technical support you need. 
Just send us an email to, with your technical questions and explain what product you are using and what you would like to achieve, and our engineers will get back to you with a solution. 

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