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magcam magnetic solutions in the industrial industry


Magcam's solution to measuring your magnets is using our Magnetic Field Camera. It allows our scanner to make advanced measurements of the magnetic field distribution of your magnets in a matter of seconds. With the camera, the scanner can collect extensive magnet data in one single measurement. 
Our extensive array of analysis features in the MagScope software will help you uncover every little detail of your magnet's performance in no time. 
When working with different kinds of machines and robots, our expertise and technology allow for better product designs, faster development cycles, and reduced development costs.

magcam magnetic solutions in the industrial industry


When you think of industrial systems, we, for instance, think of robots. In many industrial robots, you will find different types of magnets. The three most important things to look at when working with PM motors in robots are Torque, Accuracy, and High Speed. 

Our magnetic field camera and scanners provide quantitative 3D (Bx,By,Bz) magnetic field mapping of any permanent magnet or PM rotors. With our visual aids and real-time solution, you will be able to analyze your magnets with accuracy and high speed. We will be able to measure and understand exactly what your magnets can do and what quality they have. 
Here are a few examples of where you can use our measurement solutions: 

  • Multipole rotary encoder magnets
  • Linear encoder strip magnets
  • Gear tooth speed sensor magnets
  • Servo motors
  • End-of-Arm-Tooling (EoAT)
  • Magnetic Grippers  
  • Large Industrial PM Rotors

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