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magnetic solutions in the automotive industry


As Magcam is the market leader in advanced magnetic measurements, we can ensure our clients better development of high-end permanent magnets, improved quality control, and fast in-line production testing. Combining our professional expertise and our magnetic field camera, we make sure you can deliver a high-quality end product at automotive manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers, and in the extended supply chain.

magcam automotive solutions


This industry can be split into two sections, the Automotive Industry and E-Mobility Industry.

In cars, trucks, and buses, both magnetic-based sensing systems and magnet-based motors are abundantly used. We can measure the different sensors used in your vehicle with our magnetic field camera solution. 

Here are a few examples as to where you can use our technology:

  • ABS Braking Systems
  • Seat Belt Detection
  • Door and Seat Positioning
  • Car Roof or “Taxi” Magnets
  • Fuel injection
  • And many more

The performance and quality of the many PM motors being used in vehicles are also very important. With the use of a magnetic field camera system, we can offer high-speed measurements and analysis of the redial, tangential and axial magnetic field distribution on the rotor mantle. 
Here are a few examples of where you can use our camera in the E-mobility;

  • Servo steering
  • xEv electric drives (axial, radial)
  • Oil and water pump
  • Window and wiper motors
  • and many more

In E-mobility applications such as E-bikes, E-steps, E-motors, delivery drones, etc., high performance, Low-Voltage PM motors, and some magnetic sensors are used.
Our solution can help you ensure the quality and performance of the permanent magnet. New high-performance axial motors are becoming popular in electric motor vehicles. We can measure axial PM rotors fast and accurately.

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