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magcam magnetic solutions in the medical devices


By measuring and analyzing magnetic fields, we make something invisible, visible. This goes hand in hand with the medical and biotech industry. Magnets used in medical devices need to be optimized and of high quality to make safe and reliable products. Magcam offers the solution.
As a technology leader, we specialize in advanced measurement and analysis systems for permanent magnets, based on its unique magnetic field camera technology.  With Magcam's expertise and magnetic field camera technology, we can guarantee to help you develop a durable and high-quality finished product.  

magcam magnetic solutions in the medical devices


By being able to quickly measure and analyze your magnets in the R&D or QC lab, you will gain a deeper understanding of your own magnets and magnet systems, allowing for better product designs, faster development cycles, and reduced development costs. Leaders in the medical devices field use our systems to screen magnets 100% to only use magnets that meet the strictest criteria. 
Here are a few examples of where you can use our magnetic field camera systems: 

  • Hearing aid
  • Heart and insulin pumps
  • Magnetic switches
  • Blood separators
  • MRI machines
  • Magnets used to assist in extracting foreign objects from patients
  • Motors used in surgical and dental devices



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