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Magcam in research labs and universities

We make it possible for researchers and scientists to test and verify their theoretical models and simulation results of their magnetic materials against real-life test data. Magcam’s complete three-dimensional magnetic field scanning solution outpaces other standard measurement and analysis systems. By having more magnetic field data points and information, scientists can learn more and optimize their research work and prototypes further.

Shorten the road to R&D success

Magcam's hardware, software, and services work together to deliver maximum measurement results.  The Combi Scanner is a magnetic field scanning system that collects extensive magnetic field data at record speed. After the magnets are placed directly on the surface within the positioning frame, the Combi Scanner automatically makes multiple measurements to capture the complete magnetic field of the magnets. MagScope software stitches all images together and visualizes the magnetic field distribution of your magnet in two or three dimensions.
>Combi Scanner

Powerful software to make research more accessible

MagScope software offers advanced analysis features and functions for a complete characterization of permanent magnets. The software analyzes and exports all data automatically during processing. The measurement results are displayed after each measurement as it is completed in various formats such as vector plots, graphs, and topographic maps for in-depth analysis. 
>MagScope software


Would you like to find out more about magnet testing in your R&D lab? Magcam experts would love to assist you in selecting the most suitable magnetic field testing solution.