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Magcam will participate in Electric Drives Production Conference and Exhibition (EDPC) this year. We welcome you to stand number 10 and talk to our magnetic field experts. 

On Tuesday, 29 November 2022, at 10:45 AM (CET), Koen Vervaeke (CEO) will present "Magnetic Quality Inspection of Permanent Magnet Rotors." The topic is how we can optimize the performance of permanent magnet motors by measuring and analyzing the full magnetic field distribution at the surface of the rotor with fast magnetic field camera scanning. By evaluating the full magnetic field distribution with sufficient spatial resolution, we can solve important motor issues such as excessive cogging torque typically caused by small asymmetries and misalignments of magnets. 



Let's talk about your rotor's magnetic field !

Let’s discuss how your permanent magnet rotors achieve their best performance by analyzing the magnetic fields. Book a meeting with one of the magnetic field experts today.

Regensburg, Germany