Magcam is participating in Coiltech Italia 2022 in Pordenone from the 28th to the 29th of September. 

We warmly welcome you to visit booth 7-A12 and discover how the Rotor Scanner, with Magcam's integrated magnetic field camera, can unlock the secrets of your magnets. So bring your magnets or permanent magnet rotors with you, and we will test them for you. This year you will find us at Coiltech Italia with Stephan Kliché and Koen Vervaeke.

Coiltech is a fair specializing in materials and machinery for the production of electric motors, generators, transformers, and coils arranged by QuickFairs.
Dedicated to the industry, the event showcases the latest in magnetic sensors, electrical steel, shearing, molds, coated wire, plastic resins, and materials for wound, glazing, and wrapping machinery, to name a few.



Magnetic field camera for quality control of PM rotors

At 12:35 PM (CEST) on Thursday, 29 September, at Sala C8 at World Magnetic Conference, our CEO, Dr. Koen Vervaeke, will be presenting this year on "Magnetic field camera quality control of PM rotors".

With electric and hybrid vehicles on the rise, quality control of permanent magnet rotors for electric drive motors becomes ever more important. We show how magnetic field camera scanners can be used to measure the full magnetic field distribution of a PM rotor with high speed and high spatial resolution. A wide variety of magnetic quality parameters can be extracted from the resulting measured magnetic field distribution data using powerful analysis algorithms, including pole sizes, pole strengths, pole skewing, cogging torque, FFT harmonics, THD, runout, and more. For optimal motor performance, these magnetic properties of PM rotors are of critical importance and need to be measured both in the R&D and production stages. We show that magnetic field camera scanners are the most powerful instrument for this application.

We look forward to seeing you there.



Let’s talk at Coiltech Pordenone on site!

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Pordenone, Italia