By strategically selecting high-quality magnets, manufacturers can improve motor attributes like cogging torque and torque ripple by a factor of 2x to 4x.

Insights from the Formula Electric Belgium 2023 season

Magnet quality matters for the performance of permanent magnet electric motors. That is the main conclusion of this case study, where we show that e-motor manufacturers can realize an impressive factor of 2x to 4x improvement on key motor performance characteristics, such as torque ripple and cogging torque, by optimizing magnet quality in the early stages of motor production.
These results open up new possibilities for high-end electric motor/generator applications. In the automotive sector these include motor sports and high performance consumer cars, as well as the broader electric mobility market.
The results equally apply to other application fields of electric motors, such as aviation, industrial automation, consumer goods and medical equipment.

When the Formula Electric Belgium team sought to optimize the performance of their 2023 season race car, they partnered with
Magcam, expert in magnet inspection, and Fischer Elektromotoren GmbH, a top-tier German electric motor manufacturer, to ensure magnetic quality in their four radial-flux permanent magnet synchronous electric motors, one for each wheel.
While Fischer supplied the magnets and took charge of rotor and motor assembly, Magcam’s expertise centered on ensuring the magnetic quality of these electric motor rotors. This was accomplished using Magcam’s unique magnetic field camera measurement
technology, combined with its advanced data analysis capabilities, applied to both the individual magnets, before assembly, and to the assembled rotors. The objective was not only to enhance the performance of the vehicle but also to provide a comparative analysis by creating a ‘worst-case’ rotor made from deliberately chosen poor quality magnets. Keep on reading to find out how Magcam achieved this and what can be learned from the results.

Download your copy of our 22 page case study now and find out how Magcam achieved this, and how we can help you unlock the untapped potential of your permanent magnet electric motors.